Dear Friends,

You are invited to submit a photo wearing your unique Kennneth Fron necklace! Because each piece is one-of-a-kind, others would truly enjoy seeing your special design, as well.

I would be extremely honored to post your photo, and it would be the ultimate testimonial to see my design on you. Photos will be posted along with the necklace name, your name, city and state. Please don't be shy!

Feedback, questions and suggestions are always welcome at:

Thank you very much for your support and business!


"My mum gave me "Blue Cue" as a gift. I loved wearing it and was positively glowing!".

Kirsty Bannockburn, Scotland
"I love my “Memorial Day” necklace. Thank you so much for a beautiful necklace and for the care you put into making and sending it to me".

Sue - Mundelein, IL
""Along Came a Spider" was my favorite birthday gift! I love how fun and unique it is & when I wore it yesterday I received compliments from my friends as well as from my dad & my 81 year old grandmother. I'm so excited to have my own Kenneth Fron creation."

Kate - Vienna, VA
"I received "A Cut Above" as a gift from a client. I wear it almost daily. I receive many compliments on the beautiful piece. I am so touched as a hairstylist to have a necklace name that is so unique and special".

Josephine - Elmwood Park, IL
"I was thrilled to receive my 1st Kenneth Fron. "Glam Rocks" sure is! I was happy to be 1st International buyer, the necklace coming all the way to Scotland. I dressed for a romantic dinner with pink champagne. It feels good to have something no one else has".

Jennifer - Bannockburn, Scotland
"The "Spring Debut" necklace has beautiful pastel beads reflecting light; reminding me of spring flowers & fresh green leaves. It also reminds me of my friendship with Jane, who gave it to me as a gift and always brightens my days".

Cindy - Bloomington, MN
"I sometimes wear my mom's Kenneth Fron necklaces but now I have one of my own called "Little Darling". I just love it and I love you!"

Caitlyn - Bloomington, MN
"I was waiting for just the right occasion to wear the "Dolphin Patrol" necklace. A recent Wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity. It is the BEST necklace ever!"

Marie - Mokena, IL
"I acquired my “Shockingly Pink” necklace at a fund-raiser to support breast cancer. What a wonderful way to support a worthy cause and start my collection. "

Toya – Naperville, IL
"I received the "Hush, Little Baby" necklace at my surprise baby shower. It is very touching and special to have a one-of-a-kind piece to symbolize my daughter and son. I tell everyone to check out!"

Walkyria - Chicago, IL
"I wore my Kenneth Fron "Chain Reaction" necklace to a Project Runway designer: Nick Verreos- "NIKOLAKI" fashion show. It was a blast! I like the way the round black filigree balls on the necklace jingle when you walk".

Laura - Scottsdale, AZ
“I love how Kenneth gets ideas for his one-of-a-kind creations from everyday life. I love my “Ladies Who Lunch” necklace. It’s so beautiful and elegant. I get so many compliments”.

Anna – Chicago, IL
"I love the versatility of my "Cool Effect" necklace. It goes with every outfit - from work to casual. Every time I wear it, I receive a compliment on your beautiful work. I almost hate having to share you, my fashion secret. Soon all of my friends will have Kenneth Fron originals".

Donnelle - Coto de Caza, CA
"I was so happy when I saw my "Summer's Eve" necklace for the first time. It had great detail and I loved the way it shined with the crystals & pearls. It's such a versatile necklace that can go from casual to dress. Thank you, Ken for your inspirations."

Eve - Villa Park, IL
"I chose "Tickled Pink" primarily because of the beautiful soft pink stones used in the piece. And, I loved the contrast of the soft pink with the funky design of the pendant portion of the necklace."

Jill - Chicago, IL
"I received the beautiful "Fancy Affair" necklace as a gift from a friend. I was really, really excited when I got it and so impressed with the packaging"!

Mary - Chicago, IL
"I'm in the retail/fashion industry and rub shoulders with many of today's hot new designers. I see a lot of hip clothes and accessories. The "Leopard Lady" necklace is very impressive, well made and I really enjoy wearing it"!

Kaitlin - Scottsdale, AZ
"This "Grecian Beauty" necklace could launch a thousand ships! There seem to be thousands of delicate beads, yet it is so light and elegant, a pleasure to wear! The exquisite packaging made the necklace's arrival an extra special event!"

Elena - LA, CA
"The "Mulholland Drive" necklace is fabulous. Kenneth, you are going to be famous! ".

Jane - New York, NY
""I wore the "Mayan Magic" necklace on vacation with my mother and daughter in Las Vegas. My mother wore it and my daughter also wore it. Your jewelry really works well for all ages!".

Joan - Georgetown, IN
"I was extremely excited and impressed when I received the "Shabby Chic" necklace. I couldn't believe the shockingly impressive packaging and then was hit with the beauty of the necklace. I must say that you are doing marvelous things with your jewelry".

Heather - West Chicago, IL
"When I got my "Sure To Allure" necklace, it was like opening Christmas presents - the box, the velvet case holding the necklace, even the tissue paper was artistically folded and pretty! I wore the necklace to a Kara Janx event and everyone I've shown it to thinks it's gorgeous".

Jill - Westerville, OH
"I was exhausted shopping for jewelry to match my outfit for a Wedding. I met with Kenneth for private consultation and purchased one of his designs. The "Super Model" necklace was a big hit! I received a minimum of a 1/2 dozen compliments including the bride and my extremely fussy mother-in-law! It was the way to go! "

Rachel - Chicago, IL
"I wear the "Passionate Purple" necklace all the time. Purple is my color! I've gotten a ton of compliments."

Marie - Chicago, IL
"I own many Kenneth Fron necklaces and purposely purchased "Moon-lit Beach" several months ahead of time, with the intent of wearing it to a Wedding. I knew the design and colors would pop and complete whatever outfit I wore".

Donna - Cicero, IL
"I love my "Yacht Club" necklace so much. I have been showing it off to everyone and they love it. It's amazing how the necklace can make you feel so special".

Charisse - Chicago, IL

"I love red! The "Be Mine" necklace is perfect for the Valentine holiday and anytime. It's a present to myself. I'm glad to have a necklace from Kenneth's line. I just love it!"

Colby - Chicago, IL
"Words are just not enough!!! I absolutely adore my original necklace, "Orange Spice"! Your creations are all so unique and until one sees them in person there is no way to imagine how amazing they are! It goes with so much and is crafted so brilliantly. I just want to wear it everywhere! It makes me feel so special".
Sabrina - Eaton Park, FL
"The "Miss Peacock" necklace is drop dead gorgeous. All the packaging with coordinating logo's are cool and most impressive. The chocolate brown ribbon with the logo's is amazing!"

Abigail - Harrison, AR
"I loved picking out my personal "one-of-a-kind" necklace: "Elegant Pink Drop". I waited with great anticipation for it to arrive. It truly was a wonderful experience that you would find with any fine jewelry purchase."

Jill - Rosemount, MN
"My "Forest Delight" necklace fits my style and personality. Even my daughter Caitlyn admires the "sparkle". The packaging truly makes you feel like you are opening something rich."

Jane - Bloomington, MN
"My necklace "Psychedelic" was a beautiful gift from a sweet friend. Here I am, wearing it on my recent trip to Italy."

Teresa - San Ramon, CA

"l love my "Life's A Beach" necklace. Not only do I love the fact that it is one of a kind, I feel like a movie star when I wear it. I'm sure I will see your jewelry on the Red Carpet one day. "

Gale - Chicago, IL

"I love my "Waiting For My Love" necklace. It's the most beautiful one I've seen and I enjoy wearing it. Makes me feel special. And, red is my favorite color, so I couldn't pass on it!"

Sue - Middle Village, NY
"I fell in love with "Sophisticated Lady" at first sight. I just had to have it! I love them all, but this one is perfect for me. There's just something about it."

Sue - Chicago, IL
"I received "Exotic Jade" for Mother's Day, and I absolutely love it! The combination of jade and orchids is distinctive and eye catching. I receive a lot of inquiries about the necklace and gladly pass on the email address so everyone can see your unique necklaces."

Mary - Rochester, MN

"I was very impressed with your product. From start to finish, the packaging, record of authenticity and the logo on the necklace were first class."

Laurel - Park Ridge, IL

"I am so thrilled with my one-of-a-kind necklace. Jewelry and dolls are my two greatest passions in life. The "Forever Spring" necklace makes me feel like springtime all year through. I shall treasure my necklace always."

Linda - Yuma, AZ

"I purchased "Mod Squad" because it was very unique and versatile. It compliments many things in my wardrobe. It is modern but not too trendy for me."

Alice - Chicago, IL

"The "Freshwater Lily Pond" necklace is fun to wear and it makes special occasions even more special!"

Karly - Mukwonago, WI

"When I received "Dandy Dandelions" in person, I was pleased as it was so pretty and a lot heavier than it looked in the photo. The velvet necklace folder was a real nice touch, too!."

Camille - Chicago, IL

"When I saw the "Cleopatra" necklace, I knew I had to have it! When I tried her on, I felt beautiful wearing it. Thanks for the wonderful piece of art."

Sandra - Chicago, IL

"I love the color of "Candylish-ish" and the way the pendant accentuate's the necklace. Plus, it's a treasure to wear!"

Robin - Chicago, IL

"I adore my "Black Beauty" necklace and I helped custom design it by picking out the beads!"

Mary Jane - Midlothian, IL

"I love my "Bubble Bath" necklace! It makes my favorite pink blazer pop!"

Lori - Orland Park, IL

""Romantic Evening" really captures the essence of romance - feminine, classy, timeless!"

Amy - Chicago, IL

"I love all the necklaces, but especially liked "Rose Garden"."

Cynthia - Calumet City, IL

"I can't tell you how much "Raspberry Delight" makes me happy to own".

Malynda - Tinley Park, IL