I'm in the mood for.."PEARLS"!!

Kenneth Fron

My collection this spring and summer is centered around pearls. It's what I am feeling at the moment. Pearls seem to be trending and were attracting crowds of people at the International Gem & Jewelry Show which I attended this past weekend. Pearls are so appropriate for this time of year...Mother's Day, Proms, Weddings, Graduations, Garden parties and all the wonderful outdoor events; including dinner, theater, charity functions and lunch dates. Freshwater Pearls are lightweight, soft, romantic and feminine. Besides traditional white or beige, pearls come in many pastel colors and when paired with Swarovski crystals, give off little sparkles and twinkles of light, sure to make you radiate and glow from within. Please take a look at my collection on the SHOP page and hope you'll tell a friend, or two!


Kenneth Fron

Hi, Friends!

Welcome to the re-launch of KennethFron.com. Since 12-24-2004, I have been very proud to bring my handcrafted designs to you.  My original website was 13 years old this year and around April 1st, my hosting company did an upgrade which crashed the website. After a few weeks of deciding what to do and not being able to easily salvage the old website, it made sense to just build a fresh new website. It was time. Technology has changed. A big improvement is my SHOP tab with larger necklace photos that are clearer and an overall website which is more "current". I hope you will enjoy! Please feel free to Subscribe to my Mailing List and send me questions or comments! Thank you, Kenneth